Enjoy one of the nicest office spaces in Germany

The many advantages of the virtual office make it clear: a virtual office is clearly suitable for every business. Regardless of whether it is a start-up or a company that is already established on the market: high fixed costs through rents for fixed office space mean expenditure for every company that could be invested more sensibly in the core business, and that can even lead to considerable economic risks.

Following benefits can be easily attainable by https://www.satelliteoffice.de/bueroraeume and are as follows:

  • For founders, start-ups, and freelancers who mainly operate from their home office. For them, the combination of a home office and low-cost virtual office becomes a clear success factor and competitive advantage. Because many people still find the home office to be dubious. Would you also trust a company in one of Germany’s most prestigious business addresses rather than a company with a meaningless business address in a remote village?

  • For larger companies – also from abroad – that want to expand and test a branch in a new, renowned location. With a virtual office, you can continue to operate easily from your current location or from abroad – and still be present at the new location.

Furnished offices

  • Modern furniture and fast internet are included in the price

All-inclusive pricing

  • Everything you need around your workplace at a simple fixed price.

Increase your workspace

  • The more employees you hire, the more desk space you can take up.

Temporary offices

  • Set up your project office and enjoy the flexibility of the one-month notice period.

Pay a simple fixed price that covers all costs for a fully furnished office, including WiFi, telephone, operating expenses, and reception staff.

Consumables such as coffee, copies, and calls are not included in the price.

Increase your workspace individually as needed

  • Use and pay only for the space you need
  • Start small and additional workspace as your business grows as needed

Adapt your workspace to your preferences

  • Spatial design (furniture, design, decoration) individually according to your wishes

Global presence

  • Lounge membership is free of charge
  • Secure unlimited access to all of our business lounges worldwide
  • Administrative support
  • Reception staff and post-processing included
  • Support for administrative tasks such as post-processing and copying


  • Secure business-class Internet, WiFi, telephone connection and telephone
  • Access to 50 million WiFi hotspots worldwide

Working space

  • Modern, ergonomic office furniture
  • Professional business environment
  • Conveniently located locations right where you do business
  • Hourly use of shared conference and meeting rooms


  • Our reception staff welcomes your guests
  • Shared kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities
  • Business lounge and smaller break areas
  • All utilities included in the price
  • Office cleaning and maintenance
  • Access to printers, scanners, and photocopiers


  • Exclusive access to the Regus Marketplace program with discounts on leading branded products
  • Regular calendar notifications for Regus network events and activities
  • Book workspaces with the Regus app and much more

We help you to find the right workspace – regardless of your company and your budget.…

Software Development, 5 Security Measures to not Forget!

Over the past few months, we have witnessed the growth in the trend for generating awareness programs about secure application development.

Security in software products constitutes an emerging property dictated by the cohesion of multiple factors throughout the development process, from its very conception to the death of the product. When we talk about evaluating the security of computer programs, we refer to a set of activities throughout the development cycle that is born with the idealization of the system and extends over the design, codification, and strengthening of it.

We must not fall into the mistake of confusing system security with its characteristics, such as the use of certain protocols such as SSL. Nor should we confuse it with the security components that are embedded in the system architecture, such as the presence of firewalls, or limit it to compliance with a particular regulation or certification.

How do we guide secure development?

To help assess security maturity in the software development process, the exhibitors at paceap.com presents a list of common problems when designing applications, which may affect security in the final product. Let’s see what these tips are for safe design.

  1. No component is reliable until proven otherwise

A common mistake in software development is to encompass sensitive functionality in a runtime environment over which we have no control. It should not be assumed that system components are reliable until this can be demonstrated.

For example, if we have a client-server environment, precautions should be taken against adulterated potential clients by deploying verification mechanisms. We must think that it is in the domain of the user who will not always have the best intentions.

  1. Outline authentication mechanisms difficult to circumvent

Authentication is the process that allows us to prove the identity of the user and assign him a unique identifier. The development of centralized authentication methods that cover every possible path of entry is one of the pillars in the construction of secure applications.

If it is web pages, we must think about which sites will require the management of authenticated users, and take care that undue third parties do not intrude on the system from unprotected URLs. The use of multiple authentication factors will allow us to strengthen the system by checking not only what the user knows but, for example, also what the user has.

  1. Authorize, in addition, to authenticate

Authorization is the process that designates whether or not an authenticated user can take an action that changes the state of the system. Authorization processes for authenticated users must be thought through design and prevents sessions that have fallen into the wrong hands.

  1. Separate data from control instructions

This point is key when working with code capable of modifying itself, or languages ​​that compile said code at runtime -such as JavaScript-, where the same instructions are received as data. So, it becomes of utmost importance to sanitize the inputs the system receives to prevent attackers from manipulating the flow of execution by entering malicious data.

  1. Validate all data explicitly

Entries to the system should be evaluated with a whitelist over blacklist philosophy: determine what will be allowed, and deny anything that does not correspond. We must think that an attacker interprets the data as possible programming languages, with the intention of manipulating the state of the system. Therefore, it becomes necessary to inspect these input data, generating automatic procedures to bring them into well-known canonical forms.

Furthermore, this validation of inputs must take place close to the moment in which the data is actually used since the gap between validation and use provides a window of opportunity for the generation of attacks.

To implement this, you can design common components that centralize both syntactic –structural– and semantic –meaning– validations and take advantage of the data types present in the programming language you are working on.…

Mold Inspection 101: How Much It Costs and When You Should Get One

One of the saddest events that tenants can face is to find spots on the once-light surface of wood or just on the wall and smell the mold. And right after that, the idea of ​​removing a black fungus or mold becomes fixed. Of course, it is much better to detect darkening at the moment when the beam (drywall) is not yet assembled in a box, or the frame (surface) is open because in this case, it is much easier to get rid of this scourge than when the house is ready.

Just How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost?

The cost of mold inspection can differ somewhat from area to area, but the distinction is normally quite little. You are simply as most likely to discover broader variations from one professional to another in the very same area.

As a rough standard, a mold assessment costs about the exact same as a routine house inspection, the kind that is done when you acquire a brand-new house. On average, mold inspection costs $300 to $400 for little to medium-sized homes. Click here to hire a mold inspector now!

Some professionals that concentrate on mold removal will do a mold inspection totally free, though they will undoubtedly intend to be worked with for the removal itself.

When To Check For Mold

One excellent thing about mold- if you can see it, you have mold in your home. A couple of scenarios ought to make you look for any mold issues in your home.

Water damage. If your basement flooded, roofing system dripped, or a damaged pipeline sprayed water all over the cooking area, you need to examine for mold. Any place that got damp and was not rapidly dried (within 24 to two days) might end up being polluted by mold.

Buying a brand-new house. There is no other way to understand what type of water damage might have occurred in your house you are preparing to purchase.

After a home has been vacant, humidity might have developed up inside and triggered mold to grow if a home has been closed up and empty for years or months. This is particularly an issue in warmer places with high humidity.

After mold removal. If you have gone through the tough and typically pricey actions to handle a mold issue, routine mold inspections are a great concept to make sure you indeed eliminated all of it.

You see some mold. If you discover some green, blue, white, or black things growing in your home, do a mold inspection to make sure you find out everything. It may not be limited to one place.…

Kelvin Abt GmbH – Expert from Germany for Air Conditioning Systems

Kelvin Abt GmbH is a group of technicians in the air conditioning and air conditioning sector. The purpose of this website is to guide and facilitate the lives of experts and users of air conditioning and air conditioning installations. In contact, you can talk to us, and we can give you personalized advice for free. In our profession, we have all the necessary equipment to exercise our trade. Our headquarters are located in Germany, but we work throughout Europe, we have the necessary permits to exercise our office with full legality in our country. We have the certification and possession of the current fluorinated gases title. Our goal is to have 100% of our satisfied customers.

We work all kinds of air conditioning equipment, from simple domestic wall splits to a UTA of a large shopping center, in between we also work with the ceiling, commercial split, ducted air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners, and in general, all class of duct air conditioners as a whole. We also perform both air conditioning installations and air conditioning repair. We have many years of experience that allows us to defend ourselves fluently in our own.

Our company merger

Currently, our company has merged with a company dedicated exclusively to air conditioning, both for repairs as facilities, commercial and domestic. We are very happy with the merger of the company; we are currently a very large group of professionals capable of solving any problem that may arise in the teams. We have a fleet of 16 vehicles, almost all vans, 3 of them large for the subject of large materials, and large machines such as UTAs. We have all the necessary tools to execute any installation or repair of air conditioning that may be presented to us at any given time. Now in this company, we have a large stock of materials to meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time and remedying the breakdowns urgently.

The areas we now serve

Thanks to the large group that we are, we serve all of Germany for large installations and for small installations and repairs, we focus on the Community of Berlin, including all the large towns in the city, and of course the center of Berlin, which is where our work is most concentrated. Normally a notice without being urgent we attend in less than the next twenty-four hours and notices in shopping centers or urgent in less than 1 hour we try to be in place.

The law punishes hard on air conditioning repairs.

From this year (from what they have communicated to us), customers who buy air conditioning machines in large areas, apart from coming without refrigerant gas, will give them a sheet, in which all the customer data that they buy will go machine and will have to return it filled in on the other side by the authorized company that has installed the air conditioning machine. Therefore, there will be no other possibility, that the installation company is authorized and registered as a company. If the client does not return said sheet correctly filled in, he will be sanctioned. This measure is good news for those of us who are discharged and will put off false professionals.…

Best Gaskets From ttv GmbH And Their Custom Advantages

Custom-made gaskets can provide your business’s items the integrated security they need. If you are a producer or a commercial customer requiring rubber gaskets for your assembly line, customized rubber gaskets are the very best choice, as they can be developed to precise requirements to the micrometer. Customized gaskets are a much better alternative than pre-made production-line gaskets. But first, do remember that ttv gmbH: is the specialist for sealing technology and especially Custom-made Gaskets.

If you desire to be particular that your completed items have a seal that will run under high tension and compression, you need to have the gasket developed to precise specifications. You ought to seek advice from with a custom-made gasket maker that can comprehend the precise requirements of your assembly or production line.

Thanks to today’s innovative innovations in tailored assembly, customized gaskets are provided in a variety of products, and they can be produced in enormous amounts and purchased to your specific specs. Automated Gasket Corporation specializes in making customized gaskets made out of essentially any product. Automated Gasket Corporation can make sure that your gaskets will get here on the specific dock date of your picking.

Tailored gaskets can be an inexpensive option for all of your production requirements. Custom-made gaskets can be developed particularly for the level of compression to fulfill your specific specs in the product of your option.

What Are The Advantages Of Customized Gasket Work?

Whenever valves and pumps are pointed out, gaskets need to also enter into the image. They are an important sealing element of fluid conveyance systems for avoiding a leak. Gaskets are available in numerous types consisting of flange and ring boiler, gasket & manway gaskets, customized O-rings, and tailor-made gaskets.

Custom-made gaskets are on-demand gaskets produced based upon your specs, applications, and for almost any market. Customized gaskets provide a lot of advantages over other types as comprehensive listed below.


A market in the production sector will commonly need customized rubber gaskets for the numerous production lines. Custom-made rubber gaskets are typically developed matching the particular requirements of the business, making them extremely effective.

Since they typically get compressed in between 2 breeding parts, gaskets work. Pressure and the size of the particle being sealed are the significant factors of the compressive force. When the particle is smaller sized, and pressure boosts, the compression force needs to be greater.

Premium Item

You get to pick the products you desire to be used in making the gaskets indicating that you get the quality anticipated. The end outcome is that your systems and completed items will be top-notch, making the business even more lucrative.

Get Quality Customs Gaskets Designed for You

 Automated Gasket Corporation is your supreme service if you desire personalized gaskets for your devices. Whether you desire medical, commercial, little, or farming engine gaskets, Automated Gasket Corporation has the devices and specialists prepared to provide quality.…

Is Your Business Idea Any Good?

Offered your business owner’s spirit, you likely have more business ideas than you have time to pursue. Every brand-new customer discomfort, every brand-new piece of innovation, every up-and-coming sales pattern: They all appear to stimulate a brand-new, enthusiastic, apparently fool-proof business idea.

In the middle of that raging sea of various business ideas, how can you identify which one is worth pursuing … and which ones are bound to stop working? Well, there are constantly exceptions to the guideline, naturally, however here are five quite strong signs that a company idea isn’t all that excellent.

1 : No Demand Exists For The Business Or Product :- No matter how cool, edgy, or engaging you to believe your idea is if there’s no existing need for the discomfort that business will resolve or the satisfaction it will develop, it likely will not get far.

Naturally, a few of you keep in mind when Steve Jobs notoriously stated, “A lot of times, individuals don’t understand what they desire till you reveal it to them” in an interview with Business Week, as a Forbes report advises us. Jobs was ideal: In some cases, you do need to produce an item before customers understand they desire it. Who amongst us could have preferred the iPhone, for example, before it was in fact produced?

As Mamasidikov explained, “Prior to we released, nobody had actually done what we’re attempting to do with mentorships and artists, however from speaking with young artists, we rapidly learned that our company idea was a winner: Young artists wish to get their huge break, and we assist them with that by producing an around the world music skill search that opens chances for artists in all corners of the world. That is the desire we satisfy. “

Included the CEO: ” Even if it remains in a manner in which our market could not have actually thought of before we revealed it to them, the jumping-off point was discomfort and desire in our market. Without that, we would not have a company.”

2 : Individuals Aren’t Ready To Pay What You Require To Charge :- Great business is easy mathematics: More cash must be found in than heads out, and if that isn’t occurring, that unfavorable circulation ought to last just a brief time period to benefit the long-lasting wealth of the business. Naturally, easy mathematics does not imply simple business. Great deals of business owners are having a hard time to money their small companies, with 21 percent loaning from their charge card and 11 percent preparation to do so in the next year, according to the 2015 Hiscox DNA of a Business owner report.

Your company may not constantly be making you lots of cash; changes in income and costs are to be anticipated. If the mathematics does not make any sense at all– if continuous overhead expenses are more costly than what your market can manage to pay– things most likely will not pan out. Either discover a less costly item or a target-market that can manage your high-ticket cost.

3 : Prospective Financiers Will Not Focus :- For that factor, describing your company idea to prospective financiers before introducing can be a terrific method to figure out how great your idea actually is. If your company doesn’t encourage financiers to offer essential funds, it most likely doesn’t have a battling possibility.

Celine Lu, the creator of BitDeer – a computer system power-sharing platform which enables its users to mine for cryptocurrency by teaming up with the world’s leading mining swimming pools described this problem by doing this: “When we were evaluating out the idea of BitDeer as an organization, ” she stated in an interview, ” among the very first things we did was write a comprehensive business strategy and bring it to financiers to see how they reacted.”

The Rise of AMD Before 21st Century

AMD has actually long been subject of polarizing argument amongst innovation lovers. Thinking about that it was as soon as thought about an equivalent to Intel, numerous question why AMD is stopping working today.

Established in May 1969 by 7 Fairchild Semiconductor staff members headed by Jerry Sanders, Fairchild ‘s direTctor of marketing, you might state AMD developed itself as an underdog from the outset by focusing its early efforts on revamping parts from Fairchild, and National Semiconductor rather of producing brand-new items as Intel made with the renowned 4004. It came close throughout the early 2000s, as we’ll go over quickly; the business has actually mostly had a hard time to shake the image of being Intel’s shadow.

Back to 1969, a couple of months after its development, AMD moved from Santa Clara, California– Intel ‘s home town– to Sunnyvale, bringing with it upgraded incorporated circuits (ICs) that promoted increased performance, tension tolerances and speed. AMD created its chips to satisfy United States military specs, which showed a significant benefit in the nascent computer system market where quality assurance differed exceptionally. Style and production of reasoning ICs continued to grow gradually.

AMD also started reverse engineering Intel’s 8080 processor. The expense for AMD: $325,000 ($1.3 million in today’s dollars).

AMD also began producing the Intel 80286 as the Am286 near completion of the year. This was to end up being the very first really considerable desktop PC processor, and while Intel’s designs usually varied from 6-10MHz, AMD’s begun at 8MHz and went as high as 16-20MHz– a blow versus Intel.

This duration represented a big development of the recently established PC market. Keeping in mind that AMD had actually used the Am286 with a substantial speed increase over the 80286, Intel tried to stop AMD in its tracks by omitting them from the next generation 386 processors.

Intel rejected AMD access to the 386 licenses throughout a vital duration when IBM PC’s market share grew from 55% to 84%. Left without access to Intel ‘s spec, AMD took over five years to reverse-engineer the 80386 into the Am386. However, when finished it once again showed to be more than a match for Intel ‘s style.

The Am386 ‘s success was followed by the release of 1993 ‘s extremely competitive 40MHz Am486, which used approximately 20% more efficient than Intel ‘s 33MHz i486 for the exact same cost. This was to be reproduced through the whole 486 line up, and while Intel ‘s 486DX peaked at 100MHz, naturally at this phase, AMD provided a snappier 120MHz choice. To much better show AMD ‘s good luck in this duration, the business ‘s earnings doubled from simply over $1 billion in 1990 to well over $2 billion in 1994.…

Mobile Marketing 101

You may be shocked to discover that your site might currently be viewable on numerous phones. Phone web browsers are basically like routine web browsers, and if your website does not have a great deal of Flash, it might work simply great. If you can wait for it to load, it’s a little adventure the very first time you see your website on a little screen.

It must be customized to fit effectively if you actually desire your website to fit in their pocket. It’s essentially difficult to make your website work well on both a mobile gadget and a full-size web browser. If you develop one website for full-size users and a different mobile site style (the chosen method), the website can immediately spot which medium your visitor is utilizing and send them to the right pages.

Making a mobile version of your website might consist of adjusting the style, content, and functions.

Style– Streamline the style. Think about a one-column design. Use couple of graphics both to conserve area and load time.

Content– If composing for sites has to do with being short, composing for mobile websites is much more so. Keep in mind, and you have actually got about one-tenth as lots of screen pixels. Turn your areas into single pages and your paragraphs into sentences.

Functions– Some functions fit well with cell phones, such as Google maps, blog site, and Twitter feed combination, galleries and video. Keep in mind that download times on clever phones are a lot slower than the majority of full-sized internet browsers.

Mobile Applications

Unlike mobile websites, these are downloaded and set up from the market on your phone (such as the iTunes shop). We’re discussing little, self-contained programs that do not utilize an internet browser. What are you believing?

I wish to get abundant fast by making the coolest brand-new iPhone application.

The most popular applications are video games, followed by mobile shopping and social networking apps. The best apps have fantastic use, incorporate with other systems, and typically take benefit of sensing units on the phone.

I Wish To Promote My Existing Organization.

Do you need to believe about your audience (What would they like? Unless your app responses both these concerns magnificently, go back to the drawing board.

You also need a marketing strategy. Do not presume that it will capture on like mobile wildfire.

SMS Marketing

The initial method for online marketers to appear on somebody’s phone is to text them. Like any outgoing marketing, the outcomes will be based upon how responsive the recipient is. To put it simply, it has to do with the quality of the list.

If you wish to attempt, you need to construct a list of cellphone numbers thoroughly, making certain that everybody has an interest in what you’re going to send them. As you might currently understand, an undesirable text is a genuine inconvenience.

Bottom Line

Stay open up to originalities, consider your audience, and keep one eye on the little screen.