Kelvin Abt GmbH – Expert from Germany for Air Conditioning Systems

Kelvin Abt GmbH is a group of technicians in the air conditioning and air conditioning sector. The purpose of this website is to guide and facilitate the lives of experts and users of air conditioning and air conditioning installations. In contact, you can talk to us, and we can give you personalized advice for free. In our profession, we have all the necessary equipment to exercise our trade. Our headquarters are located in Germany, but we work throughout Europe, we have the necessary permits to exercise our office with full legality in our country. We have the certification and possession of the current fluorinated gases title. Our goal is to have 100% of our satisfied customers.

We work all kinds of air conditioning equipment, from simple domestic wall splits to a UTA of a large shopping center, in between we also work with the ceiling, commercial split, ducted air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners, and in general, all class of duct air conditioners as a whole. We also perform both air conditioning installations and air conditioning repair. We have many years of experience that allows us to defend ourselves fluently in our own.

Our company merger

Currently, our company has merged with a company dedicated exclusively to air conditioning, both for repairs as facilities, commercial and domestic. We are very happy with the merger of the company; we are currently a very large group of professionals capable of solving any problem that may arise in the teams. We have a fleet of 16 vehicles, almost all vans, 3 of them large for the subject of large materials, and large machines such as UTAs. We have all the necessary tools to execute any installation or repair of air conditioning that may be presented to us at any given time. Now in this company, we have a large stock of materials to meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time and remedying the breakdowns urgently.

The areas we now serve

Thanks to the large group that we are, we serve all of Germany for large installations and for small installations and repairs, we focus on the Community of Berlin, including all the large towns in the city, and of course the center of Berlin, which is where our work is most concentrated. Normally a notice without being urgent we attend in less than the next twenty-four hours and notices in shopping centers or urgent in less than 1 hour we try to be in place.

The law punishes hard on air conditioning repairs.

From this year (from what they have communicated to us), customers who buy air conditioning machines in large areas, apart from coming without refrigerant gas, will give them a sheet, in which all the customer data that they buy will go machine and will have to return it filled in on the other side by the authorized company that has installed the air conditioning machine. Therefore, there will be no other possibility, that the installation company is authorized and registered as a company. If the client does not return said sheet correctly filled in, he will be sanctioned. This measure is good news for those of us who are discharged and will put off false professionals.

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